Why I Started Green Financial Group

Jeff Green |

It’s often said that companies are in business to make money. There’s no doubt that to continue to operate, a business like Green Financial Group must be profitable. But is that all there is? Do businesses have a responsibility to create and add value to communities and individuals? Can a financial services firm put the needs of the client before profits and be successful?

For more than a decade, I worked for two major Wall Street investment firms. I loved what I was doing—and I was good at it. However, there were times that decisions were made which I felt benefitted the shareholders rather than our clients.

That didn’t sit well with me. I had a fundamental problem with it. I realized my desire to put clients first didn’t always align with the need of publicly traded corporations to answer to shareholders above all else.

I believed I could do better with my own team offering financial advisory and wealth management services. So in 2008, I launched Green Financial Group. As independent fiduciary financial advisors, we always have our clients’ best interests in mind.

A Philosophy of Personalized Financial Advice

Folks in the financial services industry sometimes seem to forget that a client is a real person, not just an account number on a piece of paper. At Green Financial Group, we believe we can serve you better by treating you like family—and this is reflected in our focus on personalized financial advice.

This philosophy runs through everything we do. When you work with Green Financial Group, everyone on our team gets to know you. Having our team familiar with your life and your accounts allows more people to provide input on your financial plan and investment strategies and more seamlessly serve you.

When talking to potential clients, we actually want to connect with them. Because we understand that trust and the strength of the relationship between a client and a financial advisor is critical. Information is shared between us that clients wouldn’t want anyone else to know. Ensuring we get to know people on a deeper level from the very beginning of our relationship with them helps us provide you the highest level of service possible.

Throughout our discussions, we prioritize listening to give you the best personalized and tailored advice for your situation. Whether you’re an investor wanting a second opinion, a high net worth family looking to leave a lasting legacy or a woman who needs gender-specific financial guidance, we provide our strategic recommendations but, ultimately, you’re the boss.

The Green Financial Group Culture

At Green Financial Group, we strive to provide big-firm capabilities with a personal touch. And we feel we are able to accomplish this because we’ve built a great team with smart, dedicated people and a culture where team members feel valued.

We invest in training, encourage open communication and promote a healthy work-life balance. Happy team members mean a better work environment for our team as well as exceptional service for our clients.

We’re able to do this through the five core values that drive everything we do:

  1. Bring the Energy
  2. Keep it Real
  3. Be a Problem-Solver
  4. Take Ownership
  5. Work Hard, Play Hard

These values shape our culture and inspire our team members to attack challenges and projects with passion. That team spirit translates into providing the best possible service (and experience) for our clients.

Consider Hiring a Financial Advisor

The Green Financial Group is dedicated to understanding your goals and helping you realize your financial dreams. We focus on growing and preserving the money clients have worked hard to earn. The impact comprehensive planning and strategic investing have on their lives is why the Green Financial Group exists.

If you’re looking for financial planning customized to your situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To schedule a complimentary 15-minute financial or retirement consultation with Jeff or Lauren, call (713) 244-3030 or email clients@greenfinancialgrp.com.

About Jeff

Jeff Green is a Financial Advisor and Founder of Green Financial Group, a wealth management firm and virtual family office located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas, offering big-firm skills with a personal approach. In the financial industry since 1997, Jeff’s desire to put clients first and take care of them like family led him to launch his local independent practice in 2008. Green Financial Group exists to simplify each client’s financial world and provide comprehensive financial plans to help them enjoy the life they’ve worked hard for. Seeing the positive, sometimes truly life-changing, impact that smart, straightforward financial planning and investing can make in clients’ lives is the greatest reward of his job.

Jeff has a business degree in entrepreneurship from University of Houston. Prior to establishing Green Financial Group, he spent more than a decade at two major investment firms, where he crafted a wide variety of equity trading strategies and investment models for his clients. He thrives off helping to simplify his clients’ complex financial worlds so they can enjoy their golden years without worry. When he’s not solving clients’ financial problems, he enjoys spending time with his three sons, Vincent, Antonino and Gianni, and his rescue dogs, Abby and Sadie. He can also be found working out, hunting, fishing, cooking (he loves to fire up the grill!) or following his beloved UT Longhorns, UH Cougars or Houston Astros. To learn more about Jeff, connect with him on LinkedIn.