Big Firm Capabilities With A Personal Approach

As independent professional advisors, we offer the responsiveness and personalized service of an independent boutique, backed by the strength and stability of Raymond James,

Our attention is always where it should be: on our clients, their wealth and their legacy. Period.

We can offer you a personalized financial strategy, not a generic investment program. Your individual portfolio will be based on your unique situation, your attitudes, preferences and goals. It will be designed to account for change, both in the market and in your circumstances, so that it can work with you and for you at every stage of your life.

The Green Financial Method™

Analyze. Plan. Invest. Repeat.

Our thoughtful and comprehensive approach to portfolio management is a core strength at Green Financial Group. We engage in a tactical asset allocation process where we identify, through technical analysis, whether we believe the broad trend of the market is up or down. We do not believe in the typical advisor’s “buy and hold” approach, or as we call it, the “sit and take it” approach. We prefer to proactively allocate funds to our perceived stronger asset classes and strive to minimize losses from what we believe to be weaker asset classes. Over the lifetime of our clients' wealth management with us, we will constantly evaluate and re-evaluate our recommendations to ensure that we’re staying nimble and responsive to the market, striving to protect the wealth and assets you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Deep Expertise In The Oil & Gas Industry

Based in Houston, Texas, we understand the complex needs of oil & gas professionals. We have experience helping many of these clients with their employee benefit plans - helping them navigate the complexities to and through retirement.