Starting Your Career in Financial Services with Melanie Knight (Ep. 45)

Lauren Smith |

Everybody has their own personal experiences which helped them kick start their career in the financial industry.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Melanie Knight, director of operations and client services at Green Financial Group, to discuss her experience going directly from college to starting her career at Green Financial Group. 

Melanie discusses:

  • The responsibilities of client service within Green Financial Group
  • The typical day working as a financial professional
  • The environment of graduating college during Covid and how different it is compared to pre-pandemic years
  • How she finds balance between work and everyday life
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Melanie Knight is one of those people who just like to get things done. As the Director of Operations and Client Services at Green Financial Group, she does just that while supporting clients and their families with important administrative and clerical tasks, directing the team’s internal operations, and serving as a friendly liaison for clients. She finds an immense amount of satisfaction in helping a client with any issue, small or large, from opening new accounts to facilitating money transfers to helping generate annual reports.