Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Financial Advisor (Ep. 71)

Lauren Smith |

Your financial advisor is someone you need to trust. Someone who you know has your best interests front and center. Green Zone Podcast hosts Jeff Green and Lauren Smith want you to find the best advisor for you and your unique financial situation. In this episode, they share some of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when vetting financial advisors and highlight a few best practices for your own search and interview process. Together they discuss:

  • The difference between Fee Based and Fee Only Financial Advisors
  • What types of backgrounds to look for in a Financial Advisor such as college degrees or other certifications
  • Why you may want to consider a Financial Advisor that has a certification such as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®
  • How to strategically consider the underlying costs of your investments, your returns, and your fees to find the right mix for you
  • Why financial and retirement planning is like a Rubik’s Cube
  • Ways to ensure you are getting a holistic financial and retirement plan
  • Why it’s strategic to choose a specific advisor as a person over a firm or brand name
  • And more!

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