Meet The Team: Claire Holmes, Marketing Consultant (Ep. 33)

Lauren Smith |

The team at Green Financial Group is passionate about helping those in the oil and gas sector take command of their finances. But each team member has their distinct role and specific passion, and we want you to get to know them!

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith are joined by Claire Holmes, Marketing & Strategy Consultant and founder of Double H Design Co. and Mama Collaborative. Claire discusses how she helps the Green Financial Group team with productivity, time management, accountability, and processes behind the scenes within the company.

Claire discusses: 

  • Why time management is the key to success
  • Two of her top time management techniques she teaches to help you get your jobs done
  • The types of jobs she’s worked at––and how she ended up owning two of her own companies
  • How her interests are fulfilled through her own work
  • And more


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About Our Guest: 

Claire Holmes’ goal is to help others achieve their goals. Whether that is helping a company develop and execute a thoughtful marketing strategy, writing professional bios that exude authenticity, or leveraging my creativity to develop custom photo books and slideshows. She is a (Type A) Jane of All Trades who likes to get things done. A perfectionist to her core, she is extremely detail-oriented, works hard to get the job done, and is always looking for ways to add more value for her clients.