The Green Zone Financial Plan (Ep. 2)

Lauren Smith |

Green Financial Group specializes in providing a comprehensive approach to financial planning so that you can live your ideal lifestyle. 

But what exactly does their planning involve and how can it benefit you as an oil and gas executive? 

Today, Jeff Green welcomes Green Financial Group partner Lauren Smith, CFP®, MBA, to explore what makes up the green zone financial plan. Together, they highlight the eleven areas they cover during their planning process and why each area is important. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How often Green Financial Group revisits your plan — and why 
  • Important planning areas covered in the green zone financial plan 
  • How insurance changes as you enter retirement 
  • What client relationship management means to Green Financial Group 
  • And more! 

Listen now to learn about the green zone financial plan and what it can bring to your financial life! 


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