Getting Financially Fit in 2024 (Ep. 78)

Lauren Smith |

Do you feel financially fit? Do you even know what that means? If not, you’re in luck. In this episode of The Green Zone Podcast, hosts Jeff Green and Lauren Smith guide you through the key elements you’ll need to ensure your financial well-being in the coming year. You’ll hear about everything from long-term investments to retirement goals to ways you may want to consider to protect your assets. Together they discuss:

  • The importance of pausing to evaluate your near-term and long-term goals and aligning your investment strategy accordingly
  • How understanding your retirement “buckets” can set you up for success after your career days
  • How you can think about the 60/40 principle in relation to your portfolio
  • The pros and cons of Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and the concept of the “ladder strategy”
  • Taking the equity risk premium into consideration when making investment decisions
  • And more!

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