Focusing On The Good Amidst The Doom & Gloom (Ep. 53)

Lauren Smith |

These days, it feels like everywhere we look, we see messages of doom and gloom.  We are constantly being told by the media that the markets, politics and even our safety are at risk.  But instead of letting yourself go down a rabbit hole of negativity, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith want to encourage you to remember this: America is still the greatest country in the world.  And good things are happening every day, even if they don’t make the headlines in the news.

In this episode of The Green Zone Podcast, Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • Why it’s easy to get overwhelmed with negativity and what we can do to combat it
  • How America’s contentious politics are at the core of who we are as a country
  • What Plenty and SpaceX have to do with their positive outlook on the future of our nation

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