Financial Advice For My Younger Self (Ep. 69)

Lauren Smith |

Do you ever think about what your life might have been like if you knew then what you know now? So many life choices might have been different when you look at things in hindsight – and that includes financial decisions.  In this episode of The Green Zone Podcasts, hosts Jeff Green and Lauren Smith candidly share the financial advice they would tell their younger selves if they could.  Together, they discuss how to: 


  • Start saving more at a younger age by “paying yourself first” 

  • Leverage credit cards wisely (and be cautious with exactly what you’re signing up for) 

  • Understand what goes into your Credit Score 

  • Leverage credit card and travel “points” and cashback rewards 

  • Invest in your 401k and take advantage of employer contributions 

  • Develop a strategy around purchasing your company’s stock 

  • Establish your financial independence from a young age 

  • And more! 


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