Creating the Pre-Retirement Checklist (Ep. 46)

Lauren Smith |

It might feel good to just up and retire from your job without any plan. But that may not be the smartest choice.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk about the ‘pre-retirement checklist’ they have created for their clients and how it can change their entire experience of the retirement lifestyle. They also go into detail about the difference between clients that have used this plan far in advance and clients who have used this a little later in the game.

Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • Their personally constructed retirement checklist
  • How to establish your values in retirement to help you stay fulfilled after your working years are over
  • Why it is important to be discussing your retirement plans, aspirations, and wants early-on with your spouse
  • The strategy of picking a specific date to have your goals established for retirement
  • And more

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