Boot Campaign: Serving Those Who Serve (Ep. 75)

Lauren Smith |

In this inspirational episode of The Green Zone Podcast, hosts Jeff Green and Lauren Smith sit down with Shelly Kirkland, CEO of Boot Campaign, an organization dedicated to supporting veterans and military families. Shelly, who comes from a family with a strong military background, shares her passion for serving those who have served and discusses the incredible work Boot Campaign does to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. In this episode, they cover:

  • Boot Campaign’s unique mission and the heartwarming story of its inception
  • The organization’s dedication to supporting veterans from all branches and eras
  • How Boot Campaign provides individualized care for veterans dealing with brain injury, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, self-medication and insomnia
  • The significant impact of their specialized programs, including clinical treatments and therapy
  • The importance of reaching out for help and the challenges veterans face in seeking assistance
  • How to get involved and support Boot Campaign, from making donations to volunteering
  • Their heartwarming holiday program, where volunteers come together to provide special gifts and support to military families in need
  • And more!

Join the conversation and discover the incredible work Boot Campaign does to show gratitude for those who serve and make a lasting impact on the lives of veterans and military families. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of The Green Zone Podcast!

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Additional Notes
The holidays are often difficult for many military families who have recently had a permanent change of duty station, are separated because of deployment, or are caring for the health of a wounded, injured or ill service member.

Boot Campaign’s Santa Boots Program unites Americans to show gratitude, meet service members’ needs and strives to alleviate stress and financial burden by delivering specially-curated gifts to veteran and active duty military families nationwide.

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