Unleashing Wisdom: Lessons Learned from a Rescue Dog

Lauren Smith |

There are countless tales of how animals, particularly dogs, have positively impacted human lives. So it should come as no surprise that I’m here to tell you today about how my journey with Mamba, a rescue dog from K-9 Angels Rescue, has been transformative in my personal and professional life.

I adopted Mamba in February 2020, just after the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, who was someone I greatly admired. Therefore when it came to picking a name for my new pup, it felt right for me to honor one of my heroes. Her name, Mamba, alludes to Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality,” which emphasizes the importance of hard work, discipline and mental toughness. Being reminded of this mentality every time I hang with Mamba was an intentional choice and continues to have a positive impact on how I live my life.

If you’ll recall, February 2020 was also the final month of relative “normalcy” in the United States before the pandemic hit with full force. Therefore, I got to spend more time with my new pup, hanging at home and working remotely, than I ever had thought possible. Being with her in this way, when so much of the world was unpredictable and chaotic, brought me an immense amount of calm and comfort, for which I’ll always be grateful. This is a quality I work to bring to all of my clients in my work as a Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional – my goal is for them to always feel like they can turn to me and receive calm, steady, confident support and financial advice.

Speaking of gratitude, Mamba (and dogs in general) is the walking epitome of it. Despite her past as a stray dog (or perhaps because of it), Mamba expresses her joy and thankfulness in abundance, never failing to wag her tail or greet me with an exuberant jump and slobbery dog kiss. I know it sounds cheesy, but her enthusiasm and thankfulness is something we can all learn from and try to emulate in our lives. I know I do. And this perspective is pivotal in my work at Green Financial Group, where we very intentionally foster a culture of appreciation and gratitude towards our clients and our team.

Another great lesson I’ve learned from Mamba is the ability to forgive, both myself and others.  Regardless of scoldings she gets or moments when she is ignored by me while I tend to other things, her unconditional love remains and she easily forgives and forgets. This lesson has influenced my approach to handling mistakes or setbacks in my work as well as how I work as a manager of others. It’s best to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, but quickly move on.

These life lessons from Mamba are now an integral part of my ethos, shaping my personal life and the values we uphold at Green Financial Group. It's through these experiences I've learned that wisdom can come from the most unexpected places, even from a rescue dog named Mamba. By sharing these lessons, I hope to inspire others to open their hearts to rescue animals and experience the transformative journey I've had with Mamba.

Adopting Mamba from K-9 Angels Rescue was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s an organization I feel strongly about because they are not just rescuing dogs; they are also fostering compassion and teaching valuable life lessons. This journey might sound cheesy to some, but once you've experienced it, you understand the depth and sincerity behind it.

Learn More About K-9 Angels:

Founded in 2012, K-9 Angels Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization in Houston, Texas dedicated to saving and rehabilitating abandoned dogs. Their compassionate approach to animal welfare is something that inspires me every day, both personally and professionally. Over the years, they have found homes for thousands of animals, and I am fortunate to have Mamba, one of their rescued dogs, as part of my family.


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