My Interview With Glenn Okuma From CYCLE Houston

Lauren Smith |
Glenn from CYCLE Houston shares what their charity does for kids.

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I sat down with Glenn Okuma of CYCLE Houston, a long-time friend and client of mine. He has a passion for the holiday season and giving around this time of year. I wanted him to talk a bit about CYCLE Houston because it is an amazing organization.

Why don’t you give us an overview of CYCLE Houston?

At CYCLE, we encourage children to learn. Specifically, we target second graders and try to improve their reading levels. A lot of the schools we help are 98% to 100% below the target for reading levels. When we come in and tell children that they can earn bicycles by reading, it works very well. Schools have been constantly begging for us to come out and help them.

So the child determines the goal they have to achieve, right?

Yes, we don’t determine the level the kid needs to reach. The teacher works with the student to set that goal and figure out how to reach it. We also help special needs children, and both programs have been working very well.


"If you’re looking to give to a charity this holiday season, CYCLE Houston is a great one."

I love this concept, but it’s not without cost, so what’s the biggest challenge you face?

Right now, we have a campaign to build bicycles for the children that meet their goals. We’re looking for volunteers to help build these bikes, so if you’re interested, you can sign up on our website. You can register for a building event at a school or make a donation.

How much does it cost to build one of those bicycles?

To buy them, it would cost $90, but we’re only asking for $65 and someone to help build it. If people want to donate more, that would help a lot, but we also want people to engage with us because once they see the impact we’re making in these kids' lives, our donations go up.

Make sure you check out their website; Glenn is the one who put it all together. If you’re looking to give to a charity this holiday season, CYCLE Houston is a great one. Of course, if you have any financial questions, feel free to give me a call.

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