A Day In The Life Of A Financial Advisor For Women

Lauren Smith |


I often get asked exactly what it is that I do as a Financial Advisor for Women and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional with Green Financial Group. So today I’m excited to share this video, which shows you a little glimpse into my daily routine.

Although every day is unique, you’ll see in the video that I try to spend some time with my dog Mamba every morning and work out a few times a week before work. When I get to the office, my time tends to be split between my responsibilities as Managing Partner for Green Financial Group and serving as a dedicated financial advisor to my clients.

Aside from my professional responsibilities, I love hanging out in our office and eating lunch with my colleagues – and even bringing Mamba up to the office to hang with us from time to time.

"Even though my days tend to be busy, I’m lucky that I have a fun team here at Green Financial Group."

My afternoons are often reserved for meeting with prospective clients, many of whom are women going through significant life changes like divorce or widowhood. Their needs are usually urgent so I try to make sure to carve out time every day where I can work with and respond to them.

"I find it really fulfilling to be a sounding board for women when it comes to their finances."

Occasionally, my day includes something a bit out of the ordinary, like a recent photo shoot for the upcoming edition of The Scout Guide Houston. As you’ll see in the video, we did the shoot at Buffalo Bayou Park on a super windy day… which made for a funny experience for me and the other women on my team, Laura Garza and Claire Holmes.

Thank you for watching this video and getting a peek into what a day in my life as a financial advisor looks like. If you're a woman with questions or concerns about your finances, please reach out. I'm always here to help!