Building Sustainable Wealth: Green Financial’s Approach

Lauren Smith |

When people ask me, "Hey Jeff, what do you do?"

I often say, "We manage the financial affairs of a few families around town."

And they always ask, "How do you do that?"

And my answer: “Very carefully.”

But what does that really mean? Let me break it down for you.

Here at Green Financial Group, we handle various aspects of financial management through our comprehensive financial planning process. This includes:

  • Asset Management: This is the investing part, making sure your assets are working for you.
  • Risk Management: We review your insurance policies—home, auto, health, etc.—to ensure you're neither over nor under-insured.
  • Cash Flow Management: We help you manage your income and expenses efficiently.
  • Estate Management: We help you plan for the future to better protect your legacy.

"We manage our clients' financial affairs like a Rubik's Cube—carefully balancing each decision to ensure a positive long-term impact."

We approach financial planning like a Rubik’s Cube, working strategically to help ensure today's decisions positively impact your future. Just as you would work to solve one side of a Rubik’s Cube without messing up the other sides, we take painstaking measures to better align every part of your financial plan.

We also have some exciting new initiatives. Lauren Smith is leading a new program focused on women in transition, such as those going through a divorce or recently widowed. You can visit her website with more information on that by clicking here.

"We're excited to introduce our Virtual Family Office services, offering high-net-worth clients a wider range of advanced planning and personalized wealth management solutions."

Additionally, we're introducing our Virtual Family Office services for high-net-worth clients who need comprehensive wealth planning but don’t require a full family office. This includes advanced life insurance planning, managing concentrated stock positions, life and legacy planning, concierge medicine and more. We’ll share more information on that soon.

If you’re interested in these services or have any questions, let us know. We're always here to help.

Thanks for tuning in – and remember to stay the course.