5 Ways To Increase Your Cybersecurity

Lauren Smith |
I’m sharing five ways you can be more secure online.

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It’s October, which means that it’s Cybersecurity Month. In light of that, I want to share five tips you can use to increase your online safety:

1. Verify to clarify. Be suspicious of emails and text messages from unknown parties that have links in them, as well as phone calls that create a sense of urgency for you to respond. There’s probably not some crisis going on that means you need to click a link or respond to a phone call right away. If you’re concerned, contact a trusted source you think might know a little more about what’s going on.

2. Know your red flags. Anyone online can tell you that you have to pay for something over the phone or via wire transfer, but if they do, it’s likely a scam, so end the conversation immediately. We all know about that one Nigerian Prince who needs $10,000 to get out of jail, after which, he’ll pay you $10 million.

"When it comes to passwords, length trumps complexity."

3. When in doubt, throw it out. This refers to links in emails, tweets, text posts, social media messages; all of those are easy ways for cybercriminals to get your information, so be wary about clicking on them or downloading any of that information.

4. Lock your devices. You lock the front door to your house when you leave, right? Do the same thing with your devices. Require a passcode to unlock your phone, tablet, or computer to keep prying eyes out.

5. Make long and unique passwords. Remember: When it comes to passwords, length trumps complexity. A strong passphrase is a sentence at least 12 characters long. Focus on positive sentences like, “ilovecountrymusic,” switch out some of the letters for numbers, like trading the ‘o’ for a ‘0’, and make capitalize some of the letters.

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