Episode 48: New Investing Lingo being Used by Younger Folk 

Language is a beautiful thing as it can seamlessly morph and adapt to changing times, but sometimes as older folks, it can be a little tough to understand the lingo of the younger crowd.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith identify the meaning of some investing terms used by younger people. They also share where these terms are originating from as more younger people are starting to invest their money into the stock market.

Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • How Reddit has influenced the investing terms used by young people
  • Investing terms you should know to understand what your kids are talking about
  • How you can compare original investing terms to the current lingo being used
  • And more

Connect With Green Financial Group:


Episode 47: College Planning Using a 529 with Ryan White, CIMA® 

Most people can agree that they’re concerned about college education planning and ultimately paying for the cost of college.

A 529 plan is a great tool in helping you reach your education savings goal.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Ryan White, CIMA® a director of product management at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, US. You will learn why a 529 plan is a simple way to save for all educational related expenses, and what your three options are if you still have money in your 529 account after college.

Ryan discusses:

  • The basics of 529 planning
  • How a FAFSA will calculate your eligibility for financial aid
  • The opportunities for tax benefits that set a 529 apart from other vehicles
  • And more

Connect With Green Financial Group:

Connect With Ryan White:

About Our Guest:

Ryan White, CIMA®, is an experienced financial services professional with a demonstrated history of success in distribution, product management, and relationship management in the asset management industry.


Episode 46: Creating the Pre-Retirement Checklist

It might feel good to just up and retire from your job without any plan. But that may not be the smartest choice.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk about the ‘pre-retirement checklist’ they have created for their clients and how it can change their entire experience of the retirement lifestyle. They also go into detail about the difference between clients that have used this plan far in advance and clients who have used this a little later in the game.

Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • Their personally constructed retirement checklist
  • How to establish your values in retirement to help you stay fulfilled after your working years are over
  • Why it is important to be discussing your retirement plans, aspirations, and wants early-on with your spouse
  • The strategy of picking a specific date to have your goals established for retirement
  • And more

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Episode 45: Starting Her Career in Financial Services with Melanie Knight

Everybody has their own personal experiences which helped them kick start their career in the financial industry.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Melanie Knight, director of operations and client services at Green Financial Group, to discuss her experience going directly from college to starting her career at Green Financial Group. 

Melanie discusses:

The responsibilities of client service within Green Financial Group
  • The typical day working as a financial professional
  • The environment of graduating college during Covid and how different it is compared to pre-pandemic years
  • How she finds balance between work and everyday life
  • And more!

Connect With Green Financial Group:

Connect with Melanie Knight:

About Our Guest:

Melanie Knight is one of those people who just like to get things done. As the Director of Operations and Client Services at Green Financial Group, she does just that while supporting clients and their families with important administrative and clerical tasks, directing the team’s internal operations, and serving as a friendly liaison for clients. She finds an immense amount of satisfaction in helping a client with any issue, small or large, from opening new accounts to facilitating money transfers to helping generate annual reports.

Episode 44: Financial Discussions To Have With Your Aging Parents and Kids

Having conversations about family wills can be tough. How do you start that conversation from one family to another?

In this episode, Jeff and Lauren share some advice surrounding the later stages of life and what they entail in terms of finances. They also highlight how discussing these things, despite how morbid they may sound, is so important and will benefit everyone in the long run.

Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • The important discussions about wills that should happen between parents and children in the parents’ later stages of life
  • The importance of uploading, saving, and giving access to financial wills to other family members
  • How medical directors can serve your best interest in the future
  • How they extend their relationships with clients and allow themselves to be a resource to many families
  • And more!

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Episode 43: Money Conversations Every Couple Should Be Having

In this episode, Jeff Green talks with Dr. John Vincent a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist to discuss what marriage can look like when one or more spouses have retired. They also highlight the importance of communication between each partner when outlining financial goals before and during retirement.


Connect With Green Financial Group:


Episode 42: Healthy Financial Habits to Start This Year

What does it take to make the new year different? How do you hold yourself accountable for the changes you want to make?

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith reflect on their past year at Green Financial, and they share their goals for the upcoming year. They also talk about the process of planning, not only for retirement but other financially-demanding times throughout the year. 

Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • Healthy financial habits for all income scenarios
  • How to continue your good habits throughout the whole year
  • Planning for more than just retirement
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you’re retired to tackle your bucket list
  • And more!

Connect With Green Financial Group:


Episode 41: The Financial Concerns of the Pandemic

There is no doubt that the pandemic made an impact on everyone’s lives in some way, shape, or form. This becomes increasingly clear when you look at the state of the market, inflation rates and national spending practices. 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith evaluate the concerns that the people of America have been having regarding government spending throughout the pandemic, the effects of inflation, and how the stock market has been more unpredictable than ever.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • The trends of the stock market throughout the various stages of the pandemic
  • Whether or not the market is under or overvalued at this current moment in time
  • The effects of inflation on the everyday investor
  • And more!

Connect With Green Financial Group:


Episode 39: Sharing Your Financial Documentation With Family

You may have a pretty good handle on your finances. But have you shared that information with your family? 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk about suggestions for documenting the details of your finances so your family can access this information in case of an emergency. They share tips for ways to share this information, and explain why you should be having this conversation before it’s too late.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • The purpose of the ‘family phone call’
  • The helpful resource of a cloud-based vault and the ability to designate trusted contacts
  • The importance of writing down contact information to your; financial advisor, estate attorney etc.
  • Why you should be having the estate planning conversation with family
  • And more


Connect With Green Financial Group:


Episode 38: Insights on Researching Before You Give: Charitable Giving, Part Two with Kendall Monroe

Giving comes in many forms—it can be time, talent, or treasure, but most importantly, giving should come from the heart. 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith speak with Kendall Monroe, chief advancement officer at the Kidney Cancer Association and co-founder and director of development of The Way Home Adoption. Kendall discusses her role in each of the organizations, and how the organizations give back to help people in the global community.

Kendall discusses: 

  • How each of the organizations help the Houston community and around the world
  • How to evaluate your options for charitable gifting
  • Her job as a certified charitable financial planner
  • The most important things to look for when it comes to charitable giving
  • And more


Connect With Kendall Monroe:

Connect With Green Financial Group:

Episode 37:Changing Young Children's Lives through Education: Charitable Giving, Part One with Rebecca Roberts and Glenn Okuma

CYCLE Houston is a nonprofit charity organization that uses bicycles to motivate kids to reach defined academic goals. 

Their goal for 2021 is to build 10,000 bicycles—and you can help.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Rebecca Roberts, executive director and Glenn Okuma, webmaster at CYCLE Houston. They share how their charity began, it’s mission, and how it is growing to help Houston children and students.

Rebecca and Glenn discuss: 

  • How CYCLE began and the overall mission of the organization
  • How this organization helps children reach their defined academic goals and how many bicycles they make in a year
  • How supply chain distributions have affected the organization
  • And more


Connect With Rebecca Roberts and Glenn Okuma:

Connect With Green Financial Group:

Episode 36: What to Think About To Live Your Dream Retirement

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

You will not be able to live your dream retirement without a proper financial plan in place.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith discuss the important things to think about as you plan for retirement. They recommend what actionable steps you could be taking now to plan for your dream retirement in the future.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • The value of using a bucket list to live out your dreams in retirement
  • The factors you need to consider when you decide when to start taking Social Security
  • The importance of planning when deciding on your retirement date
  • Why you should use your time before retirement to focus on your budget and cashflow
  • And more

Connect With Green Financial Group:

Episode 35: Your Cyber Security Mindset

Our personal lives have become so entwined with the internet with online banking, online shopping and much more! This means our personal information is much more vulnerable to identity theft. 

Last year, over 14 million people were victims of identity theft––are you next?

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share some cyber security tips you can implement to keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • How to protect yourself against cybersecurity threats by using a private email address for sensitive accounts
  • The added level of security protection by using proper password protection––and two-step verification
  • Why and how you can avoid using public wifi
  • Tips to secure your home wifi network
  • And more

Connect With Green Financial Group:

Episode 34: When Was The Last Time You Taught Your Kids Something?

No matter their age, your children will always look to you for advice and to learn those essential life skills that everyone should know before they’re on their own.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith discuss some of the life skills, and financial knowledge you should be teaching your kids that will set them up for life. They share advice and their personal experience with teaching and learning these essential skills for life.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • Why you should teach your children the essential life skills like changing the batteries in a smoke detector or changing a tire on your car
  • The feeling of teaching your children how to grill, pitch a tent, camp in nature, and start a fire
  • The financial skills you should ensure your children know before they go to college
  • And more

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Episode 33: Meet The Team: Claire Holmes, Marketing Consultant

The team at Green Financial Group is passionate about helping those in the oil and gas sector take command of their finances. But each team member has their distinct role and specific passion, and we want you to get to know them!

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith are joined by Claire Holmes, Marketing & Strategy Consultant and founder of Double H Design Co. and Mama Collaborative. Claire discusses how she helps the Green Financial Group team with productivity, time management, accountability, and processes behind the scenes within the company.

Claire discusses: 

  • Why time management is the key to success
  • Two of her top time management techniques she teaches to help you get your jobs done
  • The types of jobs she’s worked at––and how she ended up owning two of her own companies
  • How her interests are fulfilled through her own work
  • And more


Connect With Claire Holmes:

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 32: The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make In Your College Planning

The biggest mistake you can make is to wait to start planning for your college savings. The process may be much more complicated than you expect, and it’s important to have time on your side.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share their insights about the college planning process and what you should keep in mind as you save money for your child’s education.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • The average fees and tuition costs for college students
  • The variety of sources your college money can come from
  • How to find out if your child qualifies for financial aid
  • How family members and friends can contribute to a child’s education
  • And more


Connect With Green Financial Group:

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 31: The Expense of the Pandemic on our Economy

We’ve gotten a taste of the post-COVID life. What are you planning to do, as the restrictions continue to lift?

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith take a look at the recovery of the economy with high-frequency data numbers. They also share some of the effects of supply, demand, and inflation right now for consumers.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • High frequency data comparing numbers from the box office, hotel occupancy, TSA checkpoint data
  • The rising cost of flights for consumers
  • What reverse inflation is––and why inflation is here
  • The existing demand for rental cars with shortage in supply
  • And more

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 30: The Biggest Proposed Conjecture Tax Changes

“Tax codes are written in pencil.” Taxes never go away but the rules and regulations around them are not set in stone. 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share what you can potentially expect for the tax changes in the coming year under the Biden Administration. They share the little things to consider along the way for your tax planning.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • The potential increase in top ordinary income tax rates
  • The potentially high jump in capital gains 
  • What the elimination of the step up in basis at death could look like
  • And more

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 29: Giving Direction For Your Children's Financial Success

Children are not getting the financial education in school that they need before they enter adulthood. But there are a few things you can do as a parent to help prepare your children for financial success before they are on their own.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share some tips to help parents get into the mindset of preparing their children before they enter the financial world.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • Why your children need to build a credit history
  • The importance of teaching your children to have a sense of savings
  • Why your children should be aware of good debt and bad debt
  • The idea of networking to make connections
  • And more!

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 28: Should I Pay Off My House Before I Retire? With Jim Chaplin

We all have those burning questions about planning for retirement. One of the most commonly asked questions that people want to know is, “Should I pay my house off before I retire?”

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Jim Chaplin, vice president/senior mortgage loan originator at Elite Lending Group to get his perspective on the topic.

Jim Chaplin discusses: 

  • The items to take into consideration before deciding to pay off your mortgage before retirement
  • The backseat figures of making the decision
  • The state of the real estate market right now and how this may impact your decision
  • And more

Connect With Jim Chaplin:

Connect With Green Financial Group:

About Our Guest:

Jim Chaplin: Jim Chaplin has a total of 30 plus years of real estate related experience. Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker since 1974 which makes him very familiar with promulgated contract documents. Specialties include, lot loans, and construction loans as well as a wide range of mortgage products.

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 27: How To Protect Your Aging Relative with a Caregiving Plan

How will you step up when the time comes to fully support an aging relative? This is a question that will face more and more people as science and medicine continue to extend human life expectancy.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith hit a few of the hot points to help you begin having these tough conversations with family members about their wishes and plans. 

We discuss:

  • How to start thinking about the recipient’s needs
  • Why it’s important to make decisions and have documents in place before cognitive impairments become overwhelming
  • How to prioritize your mental and physical health as a caregiver
  • And more!

Tune in as Jeff and Lauren help you to start thinking about a caregiving plan for your aging relatives!

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | 

Episode 26: Spring Cleaning with guests Carroll Cartwright, Paige Ebanks, and Rudy Vierra

Spring is finally here! And do you know what that means?

It’s spring cleaning time!

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith are joined by Carroll Cartwright and Paige Ebanks of Neatly Houston to discuss how they put a fresh perspective on organizing, styling and moving to clean and tidy your home. Rudy Vierra of SteaMyCar joins in on the conversation to share how your car can get the best wash and interior clean it has ever had.

We discuss:

  • The process for having Neatly come clean your home
  • Tips to help get you into the spring cleaning mindset
  • The eco-friendly car wash process service by SteaMyCar
  • The types of services offered by SteaMyCar
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how you can outsource to save time and avoid the spring cleaning most of us dread! 

Resources: Green Financial Group: (713) 244-3030 | Jeff Green | Lauren Smith | Neatly | SteaMyCar: (832) 308-8400

Episode 25: Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier 

In a world full of technology, there are many tools and apps that can help make your life easier and more entertaining.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith take a little break from finance and explore the world of technology. In this fun-packed episode, they discuss many different types of apps they find useful and explain the functionality of each one of the apps. 

We discuss:

  • Two business-related tools to help you at work
  • Two travel-related tools to use when you’re planning your next trip
  • Two cybersecurity tools to keep you protected
  • Four health and wellness tools to stay mentally and physically healthy
  • And more!

Join Jeff and Lauren as they share the specifics of each tool, how they work and why they love them!

Episode 24: Transition Into Retirement with a Coach as Your Guide - With Cindy Wylie 

Change can be a good thing. However, the uncertainty of moving forward can spark fear and create stress.

This is especially true with major transitions, like retirement. 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith sit down with Cindy Wiley, a career and life transition coach, to explore how coaches can make this transition easier for you as a new retiree. They reveal how a coach can help you identify your values early on and ways they can help ease you into retirement.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A coach’s role around the transition from work to retirement
  • The importance of identifying your personal values
  • How someone like Cindy can help you through transition into retirement
  • And more!

Join Jeff, Lauren, and Cindy to learn how you can benefit from hiring a coach for your retirement!

Cindy Wylie Email: cindy@cindywyliecoaching.com

Episode 23: Your 2021 Tax Planning Guide 

Tax season has rolled around once again!

Get ready to kick-off your tax season with this information-packed episode with Jeff Green and Lauren Smith. They discuss some of the recent tax changes you might want to be mindful of this year while breaking down the tax strategies clients are asking about most these days.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The new IRA contribution age limit
  • Why you need to know about spousal IRAs
  • Updates to IRA contribution limits this year
  • Qualified charitable distributions
  • And more!

Join Jeff Green and Lauren Smith now to learn about the latest considerations that will help you file your taxes this year! 

Episode 22: The World of Insurance - With Marissa Sweet 

Most people don't realize they don't have insurance coverage until it’s too late! 

We don’t want you to be one of those people.

To help you get a jump start on your insurance know-how, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith welcome Marissa Sweet from Sweet Insurance Services for today’s episode. In this insightful discussion, Marissa reveals ways you keep insurance top of mind so that you’re protected in the case of the unexpected.

In this episode, we discuss:

Marissa’s services and why Green Financial Group started working with her
  • Why you don’t want to be on autopilot with your insurance
  • What makes Marissa stand out in the insurance landscape
  • How professionals like Marissa can guide you around your coverage
  • And more!

Join Marissa, Jeff, and Lauren now to learn about an insurance experience that could bring a new layer of protection to your life!

Marissa Sweet Email: msweet@twfg.com or Click Here to book an appointment on her calendar.

Episode 21: Answering the Question, "When Can I Retire?"

Setting up your future takes time, knowledge and expertise. This is especially true when planning for retirement. 

However, when you hire a financial advisor, figuring out how and when you can retire becomes a lot easier.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith reveal the tools they use to help clients answer the question, “When can I retire?” Plus, they discuss their answers to other commonly asked wealth planning questions and share ways you can start preparing for retirement today.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Green Financial Group conducts feasibility studies to evaluate your retirement timeline
  • When most people start to plan for retirement
  • How to get the highest value for your Social Security
  • Whether it’s ideal to pay off your house
  • And more!

Join us today to learn Jeff Green’s and Lauren Smith’s advice around planning for your retirement!


Episode 20: What Might 2021 Bring to the Stock Market?

As we continue through the COVID-19 pandemic and see a new administration enter the White House, what might investors see in 2021 when it comes to the stock market?

In this episode, join Jeff Green and Lauren Smith as they share an open conversation around their thoughts about the coming year based on the current economic, political, and social climate. They chat about pressing demands for more COVID-19 relief for consumers and businesses and reveal the impact this year might have on various industries.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • What’s happening in the stock market 
  • How industries like tech and oil industries might fare this year
  • How tightening regulations are impacting the stock market
  • The best way to stay proactive in the market 
  • And more!

Join us today for Jeff Green and Lauren Smith’s perspective on the economy and stock market in 2021!


Episode 19: What Will a Biden Presidency Mean for Investors?

Along with a new year comes a new administration in Washington. What will the arrival of a Biden White House mean for investors across America? 

In this episode, explore the new administration and more with Jeff Green and Lauren Smith. Join them as they discuss and assess the current economic and political outlook and share what investors could expect to see in 2021.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • The possibility and impact of a split congress
  • Effects of high corporate taxes
  • About Biden’s green agenda
  • What Green Financial Group sees for healthcare
  • And more!

Join us today for Jeff Green and Lauren Smith’s predictions of what lies ahead!


Episode 18: Taking Some Time to Reflect

Have you taken some time to reflect on what you are thankful for as this hectic year comes to a close? 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith take some time to speak about what they are thankful for as this year comes to an end, and share with you some of the things that make them so happy to be a part of the team at Green Financial Group.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • Jeff’s feelings of gratitude toward his team  
  • Jeff’s role as being a leader to his team 
  • How technology has been present in their team before and through the pandemic
  • The changing dynamics at Green Financial Group
  • And more!

Join us today as we take time to reflect on what we are thankful for as 2020 comes to an end.


Episode 17: Traveling In Our COVID-19 World- With Maddy Foxx Moffitt 

Are you prepared to take your next luxury trip? 

How might COVID-19 impact your travel plans?

In this episode Jeff Green and Lauren Smith sit down with Maddie Foxx Moffitt, a travel advisor with MFM Luxury Travel. Together, they explore the new travel challenges and restrictions that have come with COVID-19 and discuss the rapid changes the travel industry has seen in 2020. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • The current state of travel in the United States and abroad
  • Why RV rentals are becoming increasingly popular 
  • Recommended places to travel under the current restrictions
  • COVID-19 laws for going into a country as a traveler
  • And more!

Tune in today to learn how you can safely travel during COVID-19!


Episode 16: How Retirement Planning Can Optimize Your Retirement Taxes 

One of the best tools you can use to achieve the retirement you want is a comprehensive retirement plan. 

This is especially true when it comes to making the most of your retirement tax picture.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith outline ways retirement planning can make all the difference when it comes to your taxes. They discuss retirement tax planning strategies and share ways you can update your retirement plan to optimize your financial future.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Ways to take advantage of tax deferral opportunities 
  • How to decide when to take action with your Social Security
  • Why you should consider doing a Roth IRA conversion
  • How a cash flow analysis can help you with your retirement distribution strategy
  • And more!

Tune in today to learn how retirement planning can help you reduce your retirement taxes!


Episode 15: IRA End-of-Year Planning Strategies 

With 2021 quickly approaching, many are ready to say goodbye to 2020 and all of its ups and down. 

But before you start celebrating the new year, there is still some planning to do — especially around your IRA accounts and the tax advantages they offer! 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith break down some of this year’s big changes to IRA accounts and how they might impact you. They also share ways you can take advantage of retirement account tax strategies to end the year with your best foot forward.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How required minimum distributions changed in 2020
  • Why you should consider Roth conversions
  • How to qualify for Coronavirus-related distributions
  • About SEPP payments
  • And more!

Tune in today to learn how you can optimize your retirement accounts for the new year!


Episode 14: Investing After The 2020 Election

No matter the outcome of this year’s contentious national election, it’s important to look after your financial future with a calm and reasonable attitude.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith will serve as your guides for your post-election investing. Together, they share tips for navigating investing after the election and share how the markets tend to react under different presidential administrations.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How previous elections have impacted the markets
  • What you should do with your investing after the election
  • How the misery index can indicate presidential outcomes
  • Ways to avoid knee-jerk investing reactions
  • And more!

Tune in today to learn how you should move forward with your investing after this year’s election!


Episode 13: How Can You Better Protect Your Information and Identity?

With more and more of our personal information living online, how can you keep your essential information safe and secure?

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith review strategies and techniques to help you protect your information and identity online. Together, they also share key steps you can take to guard yourself, and your finances, from harm.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create and set up a strong password
  • What a password template is — and how to develop one
  • How you can protect your bank account information
  • How to protect yourself from scammers and spams
  • And more!

Tune in to find out how you can secure your information and identity today!


Episode 12: Addressing Your Market Concerns with Brian Wesbury

Are you worried about the current state of the market — or where it could be heading as we continue through the COVID-19 pandemic?

To address some common investor concerns around the market, Jeff Green sits down with Brian Wesbury for today’s episode. As First Trust’s chief economist, Brian lends his insight and expertise to answer some of your market questions and to provide a 2021 market prediction.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why tech stocks won after the recent market volatility
  • Market concern around the election and our economic recovery
  • The effect of oil and interest rates on the market
  • Brian's prediction for 2021
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear Jeff Green and Brian Webury’s answer to your market concerns!


Episode 11: Navigating the Markets During a Global Pandemic  

2020 has been unpredictable in many areas, including the markets.

In today's episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith reflect on the implications of the S&P 500 during the COVID-19 pandemic. They explore what has happened so far and what investors could potentially see going forward, all the while answering some of investors’ common investing concerns during this time of uncertainty. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you can't time the market
  • Two types of market recoveries
  • The impact of the pandemic on local stores 
  • How the labor market and up-coming election will be affected by this crisis
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn more about markets during the global pandemic and how they could impact you! 


Episode 10: 3 Ways To Improve Your Self-Being During the Pandemic  

COVID-19 has forced us to adapt to major changes in social norms, financial markets, the workplace, school and, of course, at home. 

It’s more important than ever for us to take care of ourselves. 

Today, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share what they’re doing on a daily basis to make it through the pandemic. Do you know the three main things that you can work on to improve your self-being? You’re about to find out!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What daily routine Jeff gave up to improve his mental diet
  • Which book has drastically changed Lauren’s and Jeff’s outlook on their business
  • Similarities between the 2008 financial crisis and the current situation 
  • The three focal points of an improved self-being
  • How improving yourself can impact those around you
  • The importance of moderation
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear what self-improvement strategies Jeff and Lauren recommend!

Episode 9: The SECURE Act and What it Means for Your Retirement  

Now that The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act is in place, what does that mean for you and your retirement plan?

In this episode, Jeff Green and Laura Smith help you answer this question. Together, they break down the new act, its rules, and the impact it could have on your retirement planning.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How changes to the required minimum distribution age can affect your distributions
  • Ways Green Financial Group is helping clients to strategize around the act
  • How beneficiaries are impacted by the act
  • SECURE Act tax considerations
  • And more!

Listen now and find out what you need to know about the SECURE Act!

Episode 8: The Eculent Experience in Kemah, Texas – With Chef David Skinner 

When you eat a meal, what do you see? What do you hear and smell while tasting your food?

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk to David Skinner, the owner and chef at Eculent, a multi-sensory restaurant in Kemah, Texas. They discuss the magic that goes into creating a unique dining experience that serves all five senses. 

You will learn:

  • How Eculent is different from other restaurants
  • The importance of engaging all senses during a meal
  • How David started his winery
  • The benefits of creating his own wine for Eculent
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover the unique culinary experience that is Eculent!

Episode 7: The Stock Market is Looking Good, So Why is the Economy Still in Bad Shape?  

The stock market is starting to look good, but the U.S. economy is still in bad shape. Why is that? 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith give their take on why there’s a disconnect between the state of the market and economy during this stage of COVID-19. Are there any signs that the economy is starting up again? You’re about to find out!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why this isn’t a “normal” recession at all
  • Three reasons why the market is improving, despite the economy’s current state 
  • Which industries have led the way in the market during COVID-19
  • Signs that the economy is starting up again
  • Why Jeff foresees a U-shaped recovery for the economy and a V-shaped recovery for the stock market
  • And more!

Tune in for insight into why there’s a disconnect between the state of the market versus the economy during this stage of COVID-19. 

Episode 6: How COVID-19 is Impacting the Hospitality Industry — With Benjamin Berg

Many essential industries have experienced cutbacks and closures due to COVID-19 — including the hospitality industry.

This leaves the question: How will restaurants bounce back after this pandemic?

Today, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith welcome guest Benjamin Berg of the Berg Hospitality Group to explore the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry and the uncertainty of the future.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The challenges with arranging compensation for employees
  • How restaurants have changed during the COVID-19 crisis
  • The difficulties associated with reopening after the virus
  • And more!

Listen now to learn about the impact of COVID-19 on restaurants today and in the future.

Episode 5: The CARES Act: What You Need to Know  

As the coronavirus continues to impact people and businesses across America, the government has passed the new CARES Act to help provide some relief. But what exactly does this act entail? And more importantly, how might it impact you?

Today, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith are here to break down the CARES Act, covering everything from the new recovery rebate to tax considerations.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Details of the CARES Act
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Washington
  • Why should you file your 2019 return if you haven’t already
  • Why a longer government shutdown may result in a longer recovery
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn all about the CARES Act and what it could mean for you!

Episode 4: COVID-19’s Continued Impact on the U.S. Economy: Our Predictions  

Which industries will come back roaring after COVID-19 ends? What can the U.S. learn from this crisis? 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith give their predictions on how the U.S. economy will be impacted by the peak, decline, and eventual end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • When COVID-19 is expected to peak and decline in the U.S.
  • Jeff’s prediction for the GDP growth rate by the fourth quarter
  • Which industry might be the first one to come roaring back 
  • What the U.S. can learn from this experience
  • Plus more!

Listen now for insights into how COVID-19 could continue to impact the U.S. economy.

Episode 3: Get to Know Green Financial Group’s Lauren Smith  

When it comes to financial advising, there are various ways to measure success. Oftentimes, it comes back to the values of the advisor. 

In this episode of The Green Zone Podcast, learn more about Green Financial Group’s Director of Business Development, Lauren Smith. Discover how she measures success with her clients, what makes her great at her job, and more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who Lauren Smith is, and how and why she became an advisor
  • Who Lauren’s ideal client is
  • How Lauren measures success with clients 
  • What Lauren’s proudest achievement is 
  • And more!

Join us now to get to know all about Lauren Smith!

Episode 2: The Green Zone Financial Plan  

Green Financial Group specializes in providing a comprehensive approach to financial planning so that you can live your ideal lifestyle. 

But what exactly does their planning involve and how can it benefit you as an oil and gas executive? 

Today, Jeff Green welcomes Green Financial Group partner Lauren Smith, CFP®, MBA, to explore what makes up the green zone financial plan. Together, they highlight the eleven areas they cover during their planning process and why each area is important. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How often Green Financial Group revisits your plan — and why 
  • Important planning areas covered in the green zone financial plan 
  • How insurance changes as you enter retirement 
  • What client relationship management means to Green Financial Group 
  • And more! 

Listen now to learn about the green zone financial plan and what it can bring to your financial life! 

Episode 1: Introducing The Green Zone Podcast

Welcome to The Green Zone Podcast featuring Jeff Green of Green Financial Group! 

In this debut episode, Jeff Green kicks off the series by sharing why he’s ready to teach oil and gas executives how to take command of their finances and to live in the green. Jeff also helps you get to know him better by sharing more about his professional passions and outlook, along with some of his personal interests and hobbies. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How Green Financial Group helps oil and gas executives with their finances 
  • How Jeff and his team earn clients’ trust 
  • Why Green Financial Group believe in managing their own portfolios 
  • What’s to come on the Green Zone Podcast 
  • And more! 

Tune in now for your official introduction to Jeff Green the Green Zone Podcast!